March 5, 2020
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What is Freelancing? How do I freelance in India?

What is Freelancing?

In the Middle Ages, knights galloped across the continent and fought on horseback. The spear they held was the first thing called “lance”. They join the army in the form of mercenaries, and fight when there is a fight, and rest when there is no fight. They are not restricted to any external constraints, and their greatest feature is freedom and efficiency. They were the first to be called “free lances”. We are called “freelancers“.

Today, freelancer usually stands for: freelance writer, designer, programmer, etc. freelancer provides services to their employers without long-term contractual constraints. They usually charge on an hourly, daily, or item basis. These are usually a one-man business.

The prerequisite for becoming a freelancer is a high level of skills in your field, which should be unique. Because you really did it alone, no older experienced seniors will take you, and no one can help you avoid mistakes in advance. Freelancers usually have a broad knowledge background in their field because they have to act as a team themselves.

In addition to becoming an expert in the field, there are skills outside the field that are relevant to the success or failure of your freelacner career. For example: How to promote your own services? How to maintain your customer relationship network? How do I price my services? How to maintain your own cash flow? Wait, the more proficient you are at these issues, the clearer the freelancer will do.

How do I freelance in India?

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