Web Content-Contributing Content with Value

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  • August 21, 2021
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When I write for my blog I have to think twice before publishing a post. I have to research every title. The reason is simple. I want to contribute to value-added content. There are thousands of blogs online and there are hundreds of blogs on the same topic as mine. So how do I contribute content with value?

Website and Web Content

Most webmasters realize that without valuable and unique content, their website has no hope of being successful. Websites may get listed in search engines, but to be competitive webmasters have to add unique and value-added content on a regular basis.

Search engines prefer sites that have new content and will give the sites a better ranking.

Qualities of Web Content

The types of web content search engines seem to prefer to have the following qualities:

Unique content

Rich in keywords without spamming

In-text links to relevant sites

Consistently updated content

Creating Titles from Long Tail Keywords

You have a website, and you are ready to update it with new content, what is the next step?

The next step is to find keywords and titles that are user friendly. If you use the ‘Google Keyword Tool’ to search for the word, ‘blogging’ chances are there are thousands of searches. You think to yourself, ‘this is the perfect keyword’.

Think again.

This keyword has been saturated online. If there are thousands of searches, then chances are thousands of people have used the word as their main ‘keyword’. Your blog post will become a shooting star, glorious, but unseen.

The trick is to find the long-tail keywords. Find the keywords that are the least competitive. Find the keywords with a low search ratio.

So, if you use the ‘Google Keyword tool’ and put in the word ‘blogger’, go ahead. But find a phrase that has very few searches and write an article on that e.g. ‘Blogging for Cash’. Though not many people are searching for the phrase; those few who are will likely end up on your blog.

Creating Value for Users

Once you have chosen your long-tail keyword do some research; search for the keyword phrase. See what sort of web content is available. Read the comments people have posted to the articles already done. Most times readers have some great input. Some give opinions, some ask questions. If they have given an opinion, feel free to write a post arguing for or against it. If they have asked a question, write an article that answers those questions. Maybe even link back to the article where the comment was posted, and where you found inspiration-chances are your post will be read by the same readers.

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