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Posted on July 14, 2019


Project Desciption

Looking for an engineer that has build this particular open source environment in the past and has last BUILD/version of the open esignforms which I believe was version 19.00, current version is not being supported with AGPL license. 

Engineer will be responsible of providing the zip file of 19.00, and install the open esignforms. 

If engineer does have a copy of the lastest zip file under the AGPL of open esignforms, we will provide an OLD version so we can install and test AGPL license version of the software. We have version 13.12.11. 

PLEASE if you do not have experience with build please and if you have not program forms before this will be required for as needed tasks.

NON working/ NO FILE build 

BUILD will require: 

It will require JAVA, Eclipse, and knowledge of POSTGRES/MYSQL to create and manage tables. 


This task is for long term relationsip and ongoing customer support.

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