Privacy Policy

For All users of “Freelancertohire.com " gives this Privacy Policy to instruct you concerning our methodologies and frameworks concerning the amassing, use and revelation of information through “freelanertohire.com" (the “Site page" ) and some different locales, features, applications, devices or online purchaser that are asserted or controlled by " Freelancertohire.com" and that post an association with this Security Arrangement (together with the Website, the “Organization" ), and furthermore any information " freelancertohire.com" accumulates disengaged in regards to the Service. It is like manner depicts the choices available to you concerning the use of, your passage to, and how to revive and review your very own information. Note that we join the information we assemble from you from the Site, through the Service all things considered or disengaged.

By getting to or utilizing the Service, you agree to the data accumulation, exposure and utilize rehearses portrayed in this Protection Strategy. It would be ideal if you take note of that specific highlights or services referenced in this Security Approach may not be offered on the Service consistently. If it’s not too much trouble additionally survey our Terms of Service, which oversees your utilization of the Service, and which is open at “freelancertohire.com”.By visiting “freelancertohire.com” you are accepting and consenting to the practices portrayed in this Arrangement. “Freelancertohire.com” does not lease or pitch your personally identifiable data to outsiders.“Freelancertohire.com” does not impact your contact data to different users or outsiders without your assent. And by and by identifiable data that you furnish to “freelancertohire.com” will be anchored with industry standard conventions and innovation.

The Privacy Policy  Description of Freelancertohire.com

Freelancertohire serves to protect the privacy of our users and is committed to ensuring safe and secure user experience. This Privacy Policy lays down the principles and guidelines for the online storage and use of information on this website. The following statement outlines Freelancertohire’s commitment to protecting your personal information and defines how and when personal information is collected, used, shared and secured, as well as your use, access and correction options.  This Privacy Policy applies only to data collected on the website of Freelancertohire.com (the “Website" or “Site") and does not apply to any other information or website. By using this website site or application, you agree to the collection, use and transfer of your data as described in this Privacy Policy.

This Policy may be revoked by you. Please contact us at contact@freelancertohire.com to withdraw your consent. Your account and profile information will be deleted from our website If you revoke.
Coverage of policy
For www. Freelancertohire.com, this policy applies. Freelancertohire.com  runs and manages the “Website" or “Web Site." (“Freelancertohire"). Compliance with data protection regulations is the rule of Freelancertohire. This rule also extends to the WAP, i.e. the Site’s mobile version, and other mobile applications where the Site operates.
We collect and store data

When you use our websites and apps, we collect information about you. When you enter it on our website and, send it to us or provide it to us in any other way we receive and store such information.
When you choose to give it to us, we collect information. This includes your name, email address, postal address and telephone number Your contact information

Your resume, including work experience The details you provide when you contact Freelancertohire Your race, ethnicity or gender, if you choose to provide it, is used to apply for jobs on Freelancertohire Details submitted by you from third party applications. Some employers are required by law to voluntarily collect this information; Business information, such as company name, size, and type of business.

By accessing your account settings, you can correct or delete this data. We also collect information from you in the following ways: Single Sign-on: If you choose to use Facebook or similar services to sign in to Freelancertohire, we import the requested information from your account and make it part of your profile.
References: We can collect personal information about others from you. For example, if you choose to use our service to share content on the site with a friend, we will ask you for the name and email address of your friend. We will automatically send a one-time email to your friend to invite him or her to visit the site. For the sole purpose of sending this one-time message, we store this data temporarily. Once you create an account or register with Freelancertohire, your Freelancertohire account password will automatically be stored on the Freelancertohire server and not allowed for access by Freelancertohire unless required under any legal obligation.
We do not collect sensitive information, such as bank account information or credit card or debit card or any other payments related information; physical, mental or other health conditions and history; and biometrics such as fingerprints, voice & facial patterns and DNA, which are confidential and sensitive by nature.
We make publicly available all information about you by default Of example, such data can be accessed by everyone on the Internet,( even non-account users), and may appear in the search results of the public search engine. Nevertheless, by managing your privacy settings, you can control the visibility, accessibility of your data. You can also limit the information that is available to others by removing or not providing information that you do not want to show and share to others. If you select to login to Facebook or similar websites, by installing the application or logging into that platform or site, we will import the information you choose to share with us, and we will make it part of your profile. Because Freelancertohire websites and applications are designed to enable you to share your data and enable others to find you,

When you visit our website or use our mobile applications, we collect certain information automatically. This information includes the following: Your browser type and device ID • files viewed on our website (e.g. HTML pages, graphics, etc.) • Operating system, date / time stamp and/or clickstream data,Your Freelancertohire activity, including the jobs you are looking for, viewing and applying to • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address and Internet Service Provider (ISP) • This information is automatically collected about you and analyzed for the legitimate interest of Freelancertohire. In order to help detect and prevent fraud, we combine this information with personal data. We also combine this data with your profile and resume data to give you the best results of job search.

How we use Information

The data we gather on the website is used to: Providing our services • responding to any concerns that you may have; • operating and improving the website • fostering a positive user experience; and • providing products and services which we give jobseekers and employers

We use information with your consent as described at the time we collect that consent. This includes your account creation, resume upload at Freelancertohire website We use personal data for our legitimate services like  Operating Freelancertohire services; • Contacting and engaging with you when you contact us; • Analyzing, enhancing and optimizing Freelancertohire services; and • Protecting Freelancertohire services and user and other rights • Enforcing terms and conditions of Freelancertohire services and preventing fraud and abuse of Freelancertohire systems

  • By registering with Freelancertohire, by managing your profile, by posting information publicly or by choosing to register, you
  • have given us your consent to use your information in the following ways: to provide you with our services, which includes our services.
  • To create an account for you in Freelancertohire, including any resume you create or upload
  • To allow you to find and search jobs and share with others as per plan and pricing
  • To allow you  to apply for jobs as per plan and pricing
  • Helping potential employers find  your resume / profile and contact you.
  • Allow to Make purchases;
  • to enable you to contact us and we’ll be able to respond to you;
  • Displaying targeted job recruitment messages / job posts from employers
  • To contact you with service-related communications and security alerts or updates.
  • to provide information about you and your interest and decision in job postings to employers;
  • Providing  products and services to employer customers to complete the recruiting and hiring process;
  • Marketing Policy
  • informig you of other products or services available from Freelancertohire or its affiliates;
  •  conducting surveys, promotions and contests, and to publish the results thereof;
  • For giving personalized, targeted, or location-based content, services, and advertising from us and third parties;
  • For giving you job alerts, newsletters, career advice, or other marketing communications you have opted in to receive;
  • Track the jobs you are searching for, viewing and applying to
  • To provide access to public information to search engines;
  • conducting analytics and creating internal reports about the use of our sites and applications;
  • For the avoidance of theft and fraud to secure
  • To track, investigate and avoid actions that may infringe or be illegal in our policies; and to make suggestions and inferences about you. For example, we may make suggestions about people you might know or any other job opportunities, products or services that may be of interest to you. Or, we’ll assume you’re female if you identify yourself as “Ms." or “Mrs."

On our websites or other websites with which we have a business relationship, we show you targeted ads. These advertisements are targeted on the basis of information that we collect from third parties about you and information about you.Your posted information on this website  will be accessed, used and preserved by people around the world, including those in countries where the laws and regulations may not provide for sufficient protection of personal data as specified by your country of residence, for information that you publish in public places on or on the searchable resume list.

Some of our products and services, such as our CV/resume and profile database and social media search, allow third parties to see your personal information and to contact you.
Freelancertohire does not monitor these third parties when taking action to protect your data from unauthorized access and improper use. We are not liable for using the information provided to us. You must ensure, therefore, that you do not post any sensitive information to a Freelancertohire web page, to an app, or to a public website, or other details that you do not want share to others.
Our services include showing personalized products content and ads related to your career experience and interests. We use data that we have about you to determine if you may be interested in a particular third party’s opportunities products or services.

Webiste visitors information

We collectively collect information about all our users, such as which areas users most frequently visit and which services users most access. We only use such data in the aggregate and anonymously. This information helps us to determine what is most beneficial to our users and how we can create a better overall experience for you continuously. We may share this information with our partners, but only in the aggregate, so that they too may understand how Freelancertohire visitors use our Web Site, and also create a better overall experience for you. We do not disclose information about your individual visits to Freelancertohire to any outside parties, except when to the extent necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws, rules or regulations or in legal proceedings when such information is relevant.Freelancertohire is a job site; we hold your personal information to help you find or keep work in your career performance or management; or to promote other services to or by us.
For example, we collect more specific personal information about you when you sign up to use a service, enter a contest or buy a product such as your name, address, email address, telephone number, qualifications or career history.If you choose to do so, we may also keep sensitive information about you such as professional and trade association or trade union membership information.We may also ask you for additional information, such as information about your interests your website likes and dislikes, the types of jobs you are interested in, etc., in an aim to provide you with the best website experience possible. We will regularly interact with you with tips, guidance and survey data on using the Freelancertohire Web Site to maximize your career development when you give us your permission.

You will also be able to reject this form of communications from Freelancertohire. You can simply log into your My Freelancertohire account and change your user profile if you choose these types of communications when you register and later decide that you do not want to get them any longer. If you enter and input your information on a co-branded registration page, such as a Freelancertohire contest and a sponsored partner contest, your information will be collected, used and become the property of both Freelancertohire and the co-sponsoring partner of the contest. In that case, Freelancertohire is not responsible for the information received or how it is used by the partner company. Freelancertohire may be limited in its ability to provide you with services if you do not provide us with the information requested in the required fields.

We provide you with a platform to share information about yourself to maximize your career opportunities. The information we collect can be shared with the following third party categories:

  • To the  Freelancertohire group of companies worldwide;
  • To the Employers, when you make your resume searchable or apply to a job;
  •  To Other companies hired on behalf of Freelancertohire to provide services;
  • To Other third parties, where needed by law;
  • To Other third parties when you give your consent to such sharing such as for Freelancertohire resume sharing services .

By applying for a job, submitting your contact information to show interest in a job, or by responding to an employer’s email, you agree to reveal your information to that employer and to be contacted by that employer for employment-related purposes.
We use the information we collect on the Website, whether personal, demographic, collective or technical, to operate and improve the Website, foster positive user experience, and deliver the products and services we offer. If you have given us your consent to do so, we may also use the information we collect to inform you about other products or services available from us or our affiliates or to contact you about your opinion on current products and services or potential new products and services that may be offered And we may use your contact information to give you e-mail or other update communications on the Website to ask you about your opinion of current products and services or potential new products and services that may be offered .Additional communications promotions, new Freelancertohire opportunities and additional job posts that may be of interest to you may also be given. The nature and frequency of these messages will change depending upon the information we have about you. However, at the time your account is created, you have the choice to choose or not to receive additional communications information and promotions, including, without limitation, free information newsletters from us relating to topics that may be of specific interest to you, such as career management advice, which option you may change when logging in to your account privacy settings.

For direct marketing purposes, we do not share contact information with third parties without your consent unless you agree to such disclosure. In the following ways, we also share information

  • We share your information with employers who have posted job opportunities that may be of interest to you when applying for those jobs on the Web Site.
  • We share your information with our service providers, third parties that help us deliver our products and services to you. Examples include hosting our web servers, analyzing data, marketing assistance, credit card /debit card payment processing, and customer service. Such service providers will have the necessary access to your personal data to execute out their services,
  • If you consent to such disclosure, we can disclose such information to third parties. For example, if you make your resume searchable, access to your resume will be open to all parties with access to our searchable resume database (or copies of it). When you indicate that you want to receive information about third party opportunities, products or services by configuring your profile, we will provide your contact information to select third parties such as employers, recruiters, data aggregators, advertisers or others to send you e-mail or otherwise interact with you. We use information about you (such as the interests and preferences you have expressed) to decide if you may be interested in a particular third party’s opportunities, products or services. For example, if you indicate that at the time you register for a Freelancertohire account, you would like to receive information about third party opportunities, products or services, we provide your contact information to third parties such as employers, recruiters, data aggregators, advertisers or others for the purpose of sending you e-mail or otherwise communicating with you. We also share aggregated information (including location data) about visitors to the Freelancertohire Sites with clients of Freelancertohire, partners, other Site users and other third parties so that they can understand the types of visitors to the Sites and how those visitors use the Sites to serve you ads on our Sites or other sites with whom we have business relationships. We may also aggregate job qualifications, education, age, experience level or other information relevant to job search or competition among job seekers for any such job on an anonymous basis. This aggregated data does not individually identify users and may be made available to employers or fellow job seekers or members of the community. We disclose information  to companies and individuals whom we hire to perform functions on our behalf. Examples include hosting our web servers, data marketing assistance, online payment processing, and customer service. These companies and individuals will have access to your personal data as necessary to perform their duties, We provide other leading companies with technology hosting, recruiting management and related services to power recruitment areas on their websites (sometimes referred to as “Hosted Career Sites"). Personal and/or demographic information given by you on Hosted Job Sites is part of the Freelancertohire database but without your permission, it is not available to anyone other than you, Freelancertohire, and the company concerned. If you try to register with Freelancertohire after registering with a Hosted Career Site, Freelancertohire will recognize your information and you will be able to use your account registration information given to the Hosted Career Site. Freelancertohire and the other company can retain information collected on a site in a Hosted Career Site area or on a co-branded page. In this case, the other company’s use of such information will be subject to both companies ‘ privacy policy, which will be published on the co-branded sites. We can disclose information we obtained from other websites to third parties. We disclose information if legally required to do so, or at our discretion pursuant to a request or order  from a governmental entity or if we believe in good faith after considering your privacy interests and other factors that such action is necessary to: (a) conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process; (b) Protect our rights and properties or our affiliated companies; (c) prevent crime or secure national security; or (d) protect users ‘ or the public’s personal safety. We may disclose and transfer these information to a third party which acquires any or all of the business units of Freelancertohire, whether by acquisition, consolidation or purchase of all or a substantial portion of our assets. In addition, in the event Freelancertohire becomes the subject of an insolvency proceeding, whether voluntary or involuntary, Freelancertohire or its liquidator, administrator, receiver or administrative receiver may sell, license or otherwise dispose of such information in a transaction approved by the court. You will be notified by email or by a prominent notice posted on the Site of the sale of all or a substantial portion of our business to a third party.
  •  Freelancertohire provides its customers with a variety of services related to hosting private databases and using other Freelancertohire applications related to such databases. Freelancertohire hosts these host databases, but Freelancertohire does not own the information in the host databases or submitted  to our applications These Hosted Databases may include personal information about individuals, including job applicants and our customers ‘ existing employees. Such data may include contact details, history of work, history of education, work preferences and other information,. Based on the specific customer or application at issue, and may add personal identifiable information (‘ Personal Information ‘) in certain cases. Freelancertohire provides customers who own these databases with hosting space and uses our applications on such information.and Freelancertohire therefore conduct its activities strictly in accordance with the customer instructions and pursuant to Freelancertohire’s contractual arrangements with them. Customers of Freelancertohire act as data controllers for all such hosted databases The data in such databases are subject to the privacy policies of the customer including any other information submitted to our applications. If you are an applicant for employment with one of our customers, please refer to the Terms and Conditions / Privacy page of the customer on their job site to understand their terms and privacy policies relevant to your information. Moreover, if you would like to access and review your Personal Information, you should contact our customer with any such requests. We will cooperate with our customers ‘ requests to assist with such responses as needed. Freelancertohire is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of its customers
    Policy for your Resumes
  • We provide you with the option to put your Resume in our database.
  • This resume is stored in our searchable resume database if you create or publish a resume on the Sites. Through setting it to private or public, you can control the status of your resume.
  • You can store your resume in our database but you can’t allow potential employers or recruiters to search for it. Only allowing your resume to be searchable means you can use it to apply for a job online, but our resume database system will not offer employers or recruiters access to search it. You should be aware that even without your contact details being included, if you have a rare skill or job title, for example, you may still be able to be identified. If you’re concerned about being identified, don’t include specific details to identify you..
    If you require your resume to be searchable without privacy, then access to your resume will be free to all parties with access to our searchable resume database (or copies of it). Employers or other parties with access to our searchable resume database may be located in countries where data protection laws may not be equivalent to your country’s laws. For example, employers outside the European Economic Area who have access to our searchable database can view and access your resume. You expressly agree to such data transfers by making your resume searchable. We try to limit access to our searchable resume database to legitimate users such as paying employers, recruiters, hiring managers, headhunters and human resource professionals as well as law enforcement and national security agencies, but can not guarantee that other parties will not gain access to this database. While in our searchable database, we can not control the use made of resumes by third parties who access these resumes.
    You may anytime delete your resume from our searchable database;. Nevertheless, employers, recruiters and others who have paid for access to that database may have retained a copy of your resume in their own files or databases, as well as parties who have otherwise received access to the database. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that parties other than the above will not gain access to this database without our consent Nevertheless, Freelancertohire is not responsible for any third party’s storage, use or privacy of resumes. we can not monitor or control the retention, use or confidentiality of third-party resumes or profiles. Therefore, you should not put sensitive information, personality profiles, or other details in your resume that you would not want to be made public.We try to limit access to legitimate users to our resume and profile database, but can not guarantee that other parties will not gain access to this list. After disclosure of your resume, Freelancertohire is unable to recover it from the third parties that have downloaded it. Accordingly, in your resume or profile, you should not put sensitive information, personality profiles, or other details you would not want to make public.If you provide us with details of a reference, it is your responsibility to ensure and confirm that the person is aware that you have forwarded his/her details and has consented in writing for you to do so. If you use our facilities to produce a Resume or post a Resume in our database, you will provide us with personal data that we will use in accordance with this Statement.
  • Your resume / profile shall not include sensitive data relating to your I racial or ethnic origin (ii) political beliefs (iii) philosophical or religious beliefs (iv) membership of a trade union or political party (v) physical or mental health or genetic makeup (vi) addictions, sexual activity (vii) commission of criminal offenses or prosecutions and related penalties or fines, or (viii) any any Social Security Number or national identification number, If this data is provided in your resume, you accept that we may retain and use this information in accordance with this statement We can not control access to such information by third parties from our searchable database.
  • Please be aware that if you post any of your personal information in Freelancertohire’s public areas, such as online forums, user profiles, chat rooms, or in the searchable resume database, the information may be collected and used by others. We can not control access to such information by third parties from our searchable database and we are not responsible for misuse of it by third parties.We would like to ensure you have given full, correct and up-to-date personal information to our database.
  • Freelancertohire allows you at any time to change or correct your personal information. To do this, simply log in to your My Freelancertohire account and you will find options to edit your submitted data. Since managing your career is a life-long process, all the information we collect about you is stored in an effort to make frequent use of our sites more efficient practical and relevant until you change or delete your personal information as mentioned below. For as long as your account is active and available, we can retain your data to provide you with services, enforce our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. If you have not signed up for more than five years and not communicated with our services, your account might be/might not be expired and be scheduled to be deleted from our page. On a routine basis, expired accounts are deleted without informing  to you. Login to your personal data: You can login your personal data by visiting our website. Login to your account, go to your curriculum vitae or profile and make changes. You can view, edit or delete your resume or profile at any time. You can contact us by calling or emailing contact@freelancertohire.com if you need assistance in logging in. Please contact us by email at contact@freelancertohire.com, if you do not have an account or if you believe that someone else has provided us with your contact information. You are also entitled to data portability and to demand that Freelancertohire limit the storage of your data. Freelancertohire can deny or restrict access to, or correct, modify, or delete your personal information if it violates the rights of another person and/or as otherwise permitted by applicable law. You can delete your resume from the online database of Freelancertohire, close your account at any time when all our copies of your resume and your account information are removed from the website.
    Your choices about Your Information
    Since managing your career is a life-long process, we retain all the information we collect about you in an effort to make your repeat use with us more efficient practical and relevant before you modify or delete your personal data as mentioned below. You may be able to access, review, correct, update, and alter or remove data about your account profile at any time. Only sign in, go to your profile, or resume, and make the necessary changes. Through accessing your profile, you can remove your resume from the online database of Freelancertohire at any time. We reserve the right to verify and authenticate your identity and the personal information you have requested access to . Freelancertohire can deny or limit access to, modify or delete your personal information if it violates the rights of another person and/or as otherwise permitted by applicable law.
    We can retain your personal data even after you have closed your account if it is reasonably necessary to fulfill our legal obligations (including law enforcement requests), to meet regulatory requirements, to resolve disputes, to investigate security incidents, to prevent fraud and abuse, to enforce our User Agreement or to fulfill your request to “unsubscribe" from us. Once your account is closed, we will retain personally identifiable data. We will respond within a reasonable timeframe to requests for access to information. If we require additional time to provide access to your data, we will acknowledge receipt of your application within a reasonable timeframe and update our response promptly within the timeframe prescribed by applicable law. Many customers of Freelancertohire store their resume databases on servers of Freelancertohire. For personal information obtained in this way, Freelancertohire is a data processor. You must contact our customer (your potential or existing employer) with any such requests if you wish to access, update or correct your personal information. We will comply with our customers ‘ requests to assist with such responses as needed.
    If you do not want your information to be processed as described by this policy, you are strictly prohibited to use our website and service. If you have previously chosen to receive newsletters, commercial e-mails or other messages from Freelancertohire or third parties, but then change your mind, you can opt out by editing your account profile settings.
    Security Policy
    If you buy a product from Freelancertohire via the Web Site, your personal details and credit card details will be scrambled using Secure Socket Layer (“SSL") encryption technology before being sent over the Internet. However, we cannot guarantee encryption or the privacy of your personal details and credit card information. When we receive your order, it is kept encrypted until we are ready to process it. We will take reasonable steps to keep the information you provide us with secure.
    Freelancertohire has fields for you to provide reviews on the website. Any feedback received through this area becomes Freelancertohire’s property. For any reason, such as success stories for marketing purposes, we may use this feedback at any time or contact you for further feedback on the website.
    Important Information 
  • You are responsible for ensuring security of your log-in credentials (your username and password). Freelancertohire has implemented technical and strategic measures designed to prevent accidental loss and unauthorized access, use, change or disclosure of your personal information. Notwithstanding these measures, the Internet is an open system and we can not guarantee that unauthorized third parties can not bypass these measures or use your personal information for illegal purposes.
  • In general, one of our primary purposes is to provide a platform for broadcasting the information in your resume and profile to maximize your career opportunities. Such an environment create risks for accessing this information by unauthorized third parties, So you shouldn’t have any sensitive data in your resume/profile that you wouldn’t want to reveal. You should be conscious that your current employer will monitor resumes. Cookies, web beacons and Java Script are also used to administer our website and deliver a personalized experience.
    We don’t collect information specifically about children. We believe that children must obtain consent from their parents before sharing personal information. If you are worried about the use of Freelancertohire by your child, we advise you to use Web filtering technology to control access to the Web Site by your child.
    If we decide to materially change the substance of this Privacy Statement, We can change it without informing to our users.For latest updates on the webstes,users should check for new updates from time to time frequently.  Thank you for using Freelancertohire. We are committed to providing you with the best tools and advice to help you get ahead in your career. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please contact us through  email contact@freelancertohire.com
    If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Statement at any time or feel ,we have not adhered to this Privacy Statement, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at contact@freelancertohire.com .We will make reasonable efforts to answer your question promptly or to resolve your issue.
  • Cookies Policy
    Cookies: Freelancertohire and its partners use cookies on the websites of Freelancertohire to analyze trends monitor websites, track user movements around the internet, and collect demographic information about our entire user base. Cookies help to personalize and optimize your use of our website, including store user preferences, boost search results and ad placement, and track user trends You may control your cookies at the browser level, but if you choose to disable cookies, certain features or functions on our website or service may be limited to your use.
  • Features We track the jobs you are searching for, viewing, and applying to, so we can show you more jobs like that. To order to test new features, we also use cookies to split some users into test groups.
  • Advertising: We use non-identifiable information about you to display advertising on Freelancertohire websites and third parties sites
  • Security: These cookies allow us to secure your account access.
  • Preference: These cookies are used to store your preferences, such as language selection and display results of job search.
  • Analytics: In order to identify popular content and potential problems, we track traffic patterns.

Once you leave our site, some cookies will stay on your computer. Security cookies will stay for 30 days after your last visit. For some days, Freelancertohire cookies related to ads and website updates will continue, or unless you want to remove them. We also allow Other companies to view ads to our users using our sites and applications. Such companies will set their own cookies when this happens just as if you requested from their site a web page. The cookies placed on your computer by these third parties that remain after you have left our site for some days unless you choose to delete them. Web beacons (sometimes called pixels) and JavaScript are also used by Freelancertohire. If your computer supports this type of program, we may receive a confirmation when you open an email from Freelancertohire. Freelancertohire also uses “Flash cookies," also known as “Local Shared Objects," to preserve the settings of the video player and to maintain security. You can adjust your Flash cookie settings.Ads Opt Out: Freelancertohire uses several third parties, including DoubleClick, Atlas Solutions, and Adobe, to help provide analytics and serve ads. Through setting your browser to decline cookies, you can opt out of third-party cookies. Alternatively, you may opt out of Adobe at https:/www.adobe.com/privacy.html if you do not want to allow your use of our sites to be aggregated and analyzed by Adobe Analytics or used by Adobe to tailor dynamic content to your specific interests. The website of Freelancertohire does not respond to signals being monitored by the web browser.Visit Third Party Advertising on Freelancertohire.com to see a list of many of the companies that Freelancertohire works with in connection with serving personalized ads. Our site includes features on social media such as the Like button on Facebook and widgets such as the Share This button The privacy policy of the company providing it regulates the experiences with these apps.
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Freelancertohire.com” is an online market place that associates purchaser with the seller. When you visit “freelancertohire.com” you give two sorts of data: individual data you intentionally reveal that is gathered by “freelancertohire.com” and Site utilize data gathered by “freelancertohire.com” as you associate with the “freelancertohire.com” site (the “Site").

When you enroll with “freelancertohire.com” as a Seller or as a Business, you give certain individual data, including, your name, your email address and your location. Moreover, when you set up your profile as a Specialist or as a Business you will give data identifying with your aptitudes, encounter, instruction level, pay, work accessibility, geographic district and self-assessment. Such data does not recognize the specificity of the individual part. Specialists are not required to, but rather have the alternative to show their contact data (i.e. name, address, telephone number, email address, and so on.) to Businesses who direct quests of the “freelancertohire.com” database.

When you enter the Site, “freelancertohire.com” gathers your IP address. This data is accumulated for all “freelancertohire.com” guests. Furthermore, “freelancertohire.com” stores certain data from your program utilizing “treats." A treat is a bit of information put away on the client’s PC attached to data about the client. “freelancertohire.com” utilizes session ID treats to affirm that clients are signed in. These treats end once the client shuts the program. Naturally, “freelancertohire.com” utilizes a tireless treat that stores your login ID (yet not your secret key) to make it less demanding for you to login when you come back to the Site. “freelancertohire.com” individuals must have treats empowered on their program. Note, Treat inclinations are set inside every program’s Web alternatives/inclinations. On the off chance that you post a data on a release board, or take an interest in an open message board, you ought to know that any by and by identifiable data you give there can be perused, gathered, or utilized by different clients of these gatherings and could be utilized to send you spontaneous messages. “freelancertohire.com” isn’t in charge of the by and by identifiable data you submit in these gatherings.

“freelancertohire.com” is the sole proprietor of the data gathered through the Site.

Data Utilize

“freelancertohire.com” won’t offer or lease any gathered data to outsiders.

“freelancertohire.com” won’t impart your contact data to different clients or outsiders aside from regarding conceivable business and with your express assent. All enlisted “freelancertohire.com” individuals tap the “I Concur" checkbox on the enrollment frame to consent to the “freelancertohire.com” Security Approach and Terms of Service. In like manner, every single enlisted client concur that specific profile data is open to other enrolled clients.

“freelancertohire.com” records IP addresses for framework organization purposes. This data is utilized to analyze server issues, screen movement designs, break down patterns, manage the site, track part client designs, and recognize the most famous territories of the site to convey content most applicable to enrolled individuals. IP delivers are not connected to actually identifiable data and are just used to assemble expansive statistic data for total use, aside from on account of extortion.

“freelancertohire.com” maintains all authority to impart collected statistic data to its accomplices or potentially promoters, such data won’t be connected to individual data that distinguishes enlisted clients, with the exception of on account of extortion.

Google Examination and AdWords

Google Examination: We utilize Google Investigation following to survey guest site exercises, including site hits, source and time spent on our site. The gathered data is depersonalized and is shown as numbers, which means it can’t be followed back to people. This will secure your protection. Utilizing Google Investigation, we figure out how to give you a superior guest encounter.

Google AdWords: Utilizing Google AdWords following codes, we can see which pages push prompt diverse transformations on” freelancertohire.com” This enables us to all the more likely utilize our paid to promote spending plan. Remarketing With Google Investigation: We utilize the Google Examination remarketing code to log when guests see particular website pages. This enables us to give focused on promoting later on. Outsider merchants, including Google, may demonstrate “freelancertohire.com”s promotions over the web.

“freelancertohire.com” and outsider merchants, including Google, utilize first-party treats, (for example, the Google Examination treat) and outsider treat, (for example, the DoubleClick treat) together to illuminate, upgrade, and serve advertisements dependent on a client’s past visits to “freelancertohire.com”.


Visitors can stop Google Investigation for Presentation Publicizing and re-try Google Show System advancements using their Advertisements Settings. Also, visitors can stop the Google Examination Program Extra.


The Site contains associations with various locales and isn’t responsible for the security practices of such destinations.” freelancertohire.com “urges its people to examine the assurance methodologies everything considered. This security clarification applies only to information assembled by “Freelanertohire.com”.

“freelancertohire.com” in like manner anchors selected customer information separated. All enrolled customer information is constrained inside our working environments. Servers used to store before long identifiable information are housed in a safe, oversaw condition. Also, just “freelancertohire.com” delegates who require specific information to play out an endeavor are enabled access to really identifiable information.


Interchanges “freelancertohire.com” sends all as of late selected customers an acknowledged email to browse their email addresses. Once in a while, “freelancertohire.com” sends advantage revelations to its enlisted Bosses and Specialists. Enlisted Clients can’t pull back from organization revelations that discussion about prospective changes that impact their “freelancertohire.com” accounts. In like manner, we talk with enrolled people by methods for individual messages or phone calls to give requested purchaser.

Optional Interchanges

Enlisted customers get month to month e-releases containing information on “freelancertohire.com” things, purchaser and assertions. On occasion, selected customers to get e- postcards that component remarkable “freelancertohire.com” affirmations and features. Enrolled customers can stop the above-recorded trades. You should see our Decision/Quit portion underneath.


Upon enrollment, customers can stop ” freelancertohire.com” elective exchanges. In addition, enrolled customers can, at whatever point, alter their “freelancertohire.com” email (advantage statement) tendencies by reviving their record information.

Notice of Changes

“freelancertohire.com” keeps up all expert to modify this security game plan at whatever point, so please overview it frequently. In case “freelancertohire.com” changes its Security Arrangement, it will speedily post all alterations in the Business and Specialist Declaration areas. By continuing to use “freelancertohire.com” after changes have been made to this methodology, you are consenting to the movements.


Social Login Disclaimer

Social Logins consider single sign-on using existing information from relational connection goals. “freelancertohire.com” is supported by Facebook, google+, and LinkedIn for Social Login through making our Security Approach straightforwardly open and successfully accessible. Our Security Approach moreover gives our customers the degree of the data accumulated and usage of that data assembled on “freelancertohire.com”.

By marking in through Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or some other Social Login we may recognize later on, you consent to our Security Approach and Terms of Service and also the Protection Strategy and Terms of Service of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, et cetera. You should study the Terms of Service and Security Strategy for the Social Login you may use choose the gathering and utilization of data per the in advance made reference to Social Login purchaser you may use.

Disclosure of Every Money related Exchange on Client Profiles Disclaimer

“freelancertohire.com” uncovers most of the fiscal trades on profiles of both the purchaser and specialists to serve all customers. The introduction of the cash related trades is to help all customers in settling on sagacious and taught choices as for enduring occupations from managers and getting masters.

Security Approach

This Security Strategy administers the manner by which “freelancertohire.com” site accumulates, uses, keeps up and reveals information assembled from customers (each, a “Customer") of the ”freelancertohire.com” site. This security technique applies to the site and all purchaser offered by “freelancertohire.com”.

Information We Gather

Individual distinctive verification information

We may accumulate individual distinctive confirmation information from Clients in an arrangement of ways, including, anyway not confined to, when Clients visit our site, enlist on the site, put in a demand, purchase in to the leaflet, respond to an examination, round out an edge, and with respect to various activities, purchaser, features or resources we make open on our site. Customers may be asked for, as fitting, name, email address, road number, phone number. Customers may, in any case, visit our site subtly. We will assemble individual unmistakable verification information from Clients just in case they purposely submit such information to us. Customers can basically decay to supply before long unmistakable evidence information, doing accordingly site may shield them from partaking in certain or all site related activities.

– Non-individual unmistakable verification information

We may accumulate non-individual unmistakable verification information about Clients at whatever point they coordinate with our site. Non-individual distinctive evidence information may consolidate the program name, the sort of PC and particular information about Clients strategies for the relationship with our site, for instance, the working structure and the Network get to providers utilized and other tantamount information. Our informing system accumulates email following data i.e. clicked joins per customer, who opened the releases or messages with the timestamp, customer, IP address/geolocation/program adjustment/arrange.

– Internet program treats

Our Site uses “treats" to enhance the Client experience. Customer’s web program places treat on their hard drive for record-keeping purposes and on occasion to track information about them. Customer may set their web program to deny treats or to caution you when treats are being sent. In case they do all things considered, observe that a couple of areas of the Site may not work really.

How we use accumulated information

“freelancertohire.com” site may accumulate and use Clients singular information for the going with purposes:

  •  To upgrade customer advantage: Data you give causes us to respond to your customer advantage requests and reinforce needs more capable.
  • To alter customer experience: We may use information in the aggregate to perceive how our Clients as a social occasion use the purchaser and resources gave on our site.
  • To upgrade our Site: We may use the info which you have given to improve our purchaser.
  • To process portions: We may use the information Clients give about themselves while putting in demand just to offer organization to that demand. We don’t give this information to outside social events yet to the degree critical to give the organization.
  • To confer your information to untouchables: We may share contact information with experts/clients/outcasts for the undertaking, legal purposes.
  • To run a progression, test, diagram or other site incorporate: To send Clients information they assented to get about focuses we think will bear some hugeness with them.
  • To send incidental messages/SMS: We may use the email convey and flexible numbers to send Client information and updates identifying with their activities and new exercises. It may similarly be used to respond to their demand, questions, and moreover extraordinary requesting. If Client picks into our mailing list, they will get messages that may join association news, revives, related thing or organization information, et cetera. If at whatever point the Client should need to pull back from getting future messages, we fuse a pullback interface at the base of each email or Client may connect with us through our site. If Client should need to pull back to SMS admonitions, they should inform us.