How To Market Your Content Marketing Initiatives

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  • December 29, 2020
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The realization that all businesses and industries are now in the “publishing business” is intimidating to many business owners and managers. In fact, the idea they are now responsible for being the voice of a brand can ignite terror in some. What about all the “extra work,” too?

Yes, managing a content marketing initiative is a large task. The good news is that although it involves a great deal of detail to manage a content marketing plan, it is easily reduced to the following key areas of maintenance:

It is important to establish and maintain consistency across all efforts. If the company commits to publishing one blog post a day and one magazine a quarter, customers come to expect this regularity. Disrupting this flow can reduce overall effectiveness and perception. As a greater depth of content is produced each individual piece of content becomes more, not less, valuable.

Enrolling Stakeholders
Some businesses choose to involve all employees in execution of a content marketing plan. This typically takes the form of a corporate blog, and has the added advantage of improving employee communication skills. No matter who – or how many – people are involved, it is important to communicate the larger goal and how they can anticipate benefitting from the effort.

It may also be necessary to gather input from external sources, too. Suppliers and customers are rich sources of case studies or success stories, for example.

Coordination and Scheduling
Lastly, the biggest part of managing of a content marketing initiative is the coordination and scheduling of various assets. Depending on the scale of your initiative, how many contributors are involved, and the diversity of media produced, this aspect can become unwieldy. Therefore, it is best to assign one person or team to lead and manage the entire process.

Find an individual or team to manage these three areas. When you do, your content marketing initiative will run more smoothly. A finely tuned content producing machine will yield the best results.

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