How to Make Money Blogging in 2021

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  • August 21, 2021
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If you want to make your blog better known, here are some tips for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you blog for fun at Freud, full-time, or want to earn money with the blog as a part-time job.

Because no blog visitors = no money

Small competitions with small prizes especially from your industry.

In this way, you may also be more likely to ensure that only interested visitors from your industry register. You state on your blog what there is to be won, when and where you announce the winner. If you do this at regular intervals, visitors will keep dropping by and your blog will gain popularity.

Blog parades
Whether as an organizer or as a participant, blog parades are an enrichment in the blogger world.

The organizer is calling for a blog parade on a specific topic. Now the participants can publish an article on the topic on their blog and inform the organizer about it. At the end of the blogger parade, the organizer draws a résumé from all the articles involved and mentions all the bloggers involved with a link to their articles.

Such a blog parade is fun, forms contacts with other bloggers from the same niche, possibly increases the attention to your blog, and brings a link.

Posts inappropriate Facebook groups
With a few clicks, you can either set up your own Facebook group or quickly find a number of groups from your niche on Facebook. A distinction is made between closed and public groups. The easiest way is you look for a few groups in your niche and join the group via the join button. It doesn’t take long for someone to add you to the group. Now you can post freely there. But always observe the group rules, which you can usually find at the top right. Because the group owner can remove you from the group at any time. A few posts with a link to your blog always bring a few visitors and make your blog propagate in the groups.

Promote your blog to other blogs in your industry
Use well-known blogs from your area to spread your blog in the blogging scene.

You pick a number of well-ranking blogs from your area, subscribe to their RSS FEEDS via a FEED reader or via a plug-in in your browser. So you are always up to date when and where which article with the exact title was published without having to constantly visit the blog. If an article fits your topic, visit the blog article, and leave a nice qualified comment. Since your name almost always contains the link to your blog, you will not only receive a visitor from there every now and then. But also a no-follow link, which is part of a healthy link profile.

If you only set one avatar on, a photo of you will appear for each of your posts, which gives your comment a certain personality and seriousness and is rarely viewed as spam and thus deleted.

Write the right blog articles to increase awareness of your blog
Proper blog articles on topics that your visitors want to read. Give yourself a little effort, do keyword research, and write down the individual search words and search word combinations. Use these as headings and write a separate chapter for each one. In the end, you put the whole thing in an orderly order and have written a super detailed blog article on a topic with many words (Google loves a lot of words), which has a good chance of a good ranking.

A little search engine optimization
With the detailed and clearly arranged article, you have laid a good basis for a top ranking, which can bring you a lot of blog visitors. To top it off, you should do a little SEO.

Link building
In addition to the on-page SEO and the WDF * IDF text check, you can of course also get a few backlinks to the article a lot more. This is exactly how it helps you if you refer to one or the other authoritative blog in your niche from your own blog article.

Tests have shown that articles with outbound links to authoritative sites rank better than articles without outbound links.

A true professional when it comes to link building is Brian Dean of Backlinko where you should look past times necessarily. I think he explains it really well and is a real icon in the area.

Advertising and advertisements
Of course, those who already earn a few thalers with their blog can take part in it and invest in paid advertising. Banner places on well-known and topic-relevant blogs underpin the own blog popularity of course. In addition, Facebook Ads, Youtube, and Google Ads are doing quite well. So-called remarketing is currently very popular.

You know that. Your search for headphones on the Internet, visit a website for them and all of a sudden, advertisements with headphone offers appear no matter where you are. The form of advertising is intended to present the searcher with targeted offers and thus generate highly qualified visitors.

Blog directories
I still remember the booming web catalog times. There was even software for it that had entered you into it and thus gave you a backlink.

Those days are over and a link from a blog directory is certainly not a hit either.

A link is a link. If you’re not overdoing it, I would say a few links from good blog directories are part of a healthy link profile.

I register myself in the blog directories, which I come across as a backlink in the keyword analysis of my competitors and topic-specific blog directories naturally have a little weight.

Guest articles bring visitors and a good backlink
Guest articles published or published on other blogs ;-), also have a recognition effect, bring you topic-relevant and thus high-quality visitors, and if you host a do-follow link gives you a good backlink from the text.

Influencer Marketing New in trend
Interviews with experts from your own industry attract visitors to your blog and make your blog better known. If your blog already has a certain status or if you kindly ask an expert for an interview, that’s a win-win situation for both. It makes your blog more interesting and underlines the expert status of the interviewee.

Network with other bloggers
Today it’s all about communication and engagement. Egoists find it difficult to get a chance here. So network, exchange ideas with other bloggers, work in teams, and support each other. This is how you make a name for each other and everyone benefits from it.

Forums marketing
Forums are one of the best sources of visitors. They generate high target traffic for you completely free of charge. They can be found in pretty much every area and industry. If you prove yourself to be an expert there and give something to the forum community, they are guaranteed to give you something back. Namely a lot of qualified visitors interested in your industry.

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