August 20, 2019
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Freelancer- Search & Bid online Jobs

Freelancer-Search & Bid online Jobs|Freelancertohire

Freelancer-Search & Bid online Jobs|Freelancertohire

Freelancer-Search & Bid online Jobs

Freelancertohire is the reference portal for self-employed professionals or Freelancer who are published and companies that offer projects and freelance jobs

What can we contribute to the freelance and autonomous world?

We want to offer a meeting point between people who are a self-employed freelancer or in small companies and potential clients who need them, creating a space specially designed to meet the needs of both freelancers and companies.

Freelancers, freelance professionals, companies, individuals: They all do Freelancertohire

We invite you to collaborate and participate proposing improvements or new functionalities. The section ‘What do you think of this page?’ displayed on all pages of the site is specially created to collect the needs and opinions of our users.

What does Freelancertohire offer to the autonomous sector?

Search engine:
Our search engines allow you to find published freelance professionals and freelance job offers that are also published by companies or individuals who need their services.

The forms of contact between freelance professionals or freelancers and clients are defined by the professional himself. There are two ways of contact:

  • Direct: Where the company or individual gets in touch via phone or e-mail that the freelance professional decides to publish.
  • Indirect: Where the company uses a form to enter the project data that it wants to offer the professional.

We want to offer relevant statistical information for both the professional freelancer and the company. The professional  freelancer will be able to know how many times they have viewed their profile and what the companies are looking for.

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