June 23, 2020
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Freelance Writer Jobs

freelance writer jobs

freelance writer jobs 

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If you’re an experienced freelancer, you probably already know that there are freelancing projects out there that should be avoided. The sad fact is that there are some bad freelancing projects out there.

Happily, there are also some wonderful freelancing projects that any freelancer would benefit from accepting. In this post, I’ll list five examples of the wonderful type of freelancing project and five examples of freelancing projects you are better off without.

Projects to Embrace

There are some really great freelancing opportunities out there–projects that nearly any freelancer would be happy to take on. Here are five examples of freelancing projects you may want to embrace:

  1. A project with someone you admire.Do you have mentor or someone whose work you admire? Many freelancers do. If you get the chance to work with someone that you look up to, it can be a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as a freelancer. Don’t forget to ask for a testimonial when you are done.
  2. A long-term project with decent pay.The best thing about long-term projects is that you don’t have to find as many of them to meet your income goal. A long-term project can last several weeks or several months. It can be an excellent opportunity to build a relationship with the client.
  3. A project that expands or grows your expertise.You can take all of the classes you want, but hands-on experience is usually the best way to learn a new skill. A project that allows you to develop a new skill can benefit your freelancing business in the long run. Be sure to allow extra time for learning.
  4. A project doing what you love most.Most of us have certain tasks in our field that we enjoy doing more than other tasks. If you are lucky enough to find a project that lets you focus on something that you really enjoy and pays you to do it, jump on the opportunity.
  5. A project that pays extremely well.A high-paying project can make up for a number of faults. The project may be difficult, for a picky client, or just boring–but if pays well, you may find that the financial security it offers is worth the inconveniences that come along with it.

Of course, just as there are great freelancing projects there are also freelancing projects that you should avoid.

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