August 28, 2020
5 fundamental questions to set your goal for next year No Comments

5 fundamental questions to set your goal for next year

5 fundamental questions to set your goal for next year

5 fundamental questions to set your goal for next year

What do you want to do in 2021? The year is ending, and this is a good time to take stock and to establish the objectives that we will try to achieve in 2021.


It is a fundamental task because according to the objectives we define, we will advance in one direction or another. They are not just numbers

One of the main mistakes we usually make is to translate our goals exclusively into numbers. For example: managing to increase profits by 15%, increase the number of clients by 5%, etc. These objectives are also useful, and we should not dismiss them, but they are too cold and usually, they are not able to motivate us to advance along the path that interests us most.


There are other, even more, basic issues that we must address first. Let’s see them.


  1. Am I doing the kind of work I really want to do?

This is the key question. If the answer is “no”, surely the time has come to do something to remedy it. The first thing is to detect what is preventing you from doing the job you would like.


If you need to train to achieve this, set that goal for next year. Find the course and the time you need to correct that situation. If what doesn’t convince you is your area of ​​expertise, design a plan to take your activity to the field that most attracts you.


  1. Which projects were the most difficult and why?

You can learn a lot from the projects that required the most effort. Make a list of the things that did not go well: communication with the client, estimating effort, meeting deadlines, etc. Incorporate weak points as goals to correct in the new year.



  1. Did I lose a customer in the past year?

Knowing why a customer left is critical. If you do not discover it, the situation can repeat itself without you being able to remedy it.


In times of recession, many clients disappear simply because they do not have the resources to continue hiring services. But don’t assume that this has always been the source of abandonment. Analyze the situation to find out what the causes are, determine if any of your services have failed, and then set your goals to correct those problems.


  1. How have I got new clients this year?

Getting new clients is usually a sign that you are doing things right. For two reasons: because it means that you are able to publicize your activity and because your satisfied customers speak well of you and attract new customers.


Analyze each case and discover how you have managed to reach those new clients. Was it by word of mouth? Was it thanks to the use of social networks? Is it due to your specialization in a certain field of activity? That may be the key to success for next year, so include your findings in your 2021 goals.


  1. Am I satisfied with the current workload?

If you have just a few projects, or there are so many that you can’t cope, it is clear that there is something to adjust. If work consumes all your free time, you’re going to end up burning out early. In 2021 you need to find another more efficient way of managing, or you simply need to learn to say “no” to some of the projects.


If you barely have a job, it is clear that your freelance activity is at risk. The goal for next year will be to get new customers. You must introduce new behaviors, routines, and activities to reach your potential customers.


Remember that if you always do what you have always done, you will achieve what you have always achieved. You have to change to get different results.


Have you already decided what your goals will be for next year?